My Story

Hi, my name is Lotta Eigenraam and I’m 28 years young, I was born and raised in the city of Vlaardingen, The Netherlands. Since 2019 I have been living on the most beautiful island of the Caribbean. Together with my fiancé and our little one, I’m so lucky to be here. I have been with my boyfriend for a decade. (I know, it’s crazy!) We met when I was sixteen on Mallorca. The reason we moved to Aruba is because of my fiancé work and now I have the best job there is!

After graduating as a Graphic Media Designer, I further developed myself in styling, marketing and photography. Aruba is the perfect place to further expand these skills by photographing weddings, families, couples, maternity & proposals.

I’ve found my passion and that is capturing real emotions, love & a warm atmosphere. It’s what I love doing and the fact that I capturing some of the most beautiful love stories in the world still truly blows my mind. There are often beautiful memories attached to a photo. That one photo can take you back to a special period that allows you to go back in time.

Enough about me. Let’s find out more about you!

May I capture your memory?